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We’re an Industry Leader in Cost Segregation.

A cost segregation study identifies and reclassifies personal property assets to shorten the depreciation time for taxation purposes, which reduces current income tax obligations and increases current cash flow. RCG Valuation’s unique approach to Cost Segregation can help you fully realize the potential tax savings afforded under law.

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More innovative, more efficient, more data, more value.


RCG Valuation brings together the power of advanced financial techniques, tax planning, and leading-edge technology.

Technologies such as photogrammetry, 4K drone imaging, and 3-D cloud point scanning, not only drive down costs but drastically increase the contemporaneous documentation of the property. Above all, we deliver exceptional reports that allow for maximum depreciation while utilizing the latest in cloud storage of all data.


Non Invasive

We use technology to reach more property owners, produce more accurate data, turn around reports faster, and to be less invasive to existing businesses working in their properties.

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Expert Generated

We leverage relationships with industry leading subject matter experts, CPA’s and engineers to qualify all data and reports.

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Reduce Risk

Our unique approach produces more thorough and accurate reports. We identify where the biggest opportunities and liabilities lie within your property and offer reserve studies to protect you from the unexpected.

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When it comes to Cost Segregation we know that accuracy and efficiency are paramount.

Getting the right data to our clients, when and where they need it, can help maximize investment opportunities. Our commitment to our clients is a relentless pursuit to deliver a better product faster, at a lower price, with more data and documentation.

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